Monday, June 6, 2011

[alkv001] Valance Drakes aka MusSck 12"


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One 12" record plus shipping for 10 euro

The 12" comes with 2 beautiful colour prints of the artwork on 2 a5 cards

Check out the video for the track Proximity made by the incredibly talented Point Zero Three

Review written by/copright: Soraya Garcia

MusSck: Making Subliminal Monsters come to life

London’s IDM and Glitch Pioneer MusSck once again opens the gates to his precise, spheric and groundbreaking musical landscapes. His double EP “Subliminal Arrangements + Monster’s Love Letter” encompasses 8 tracks and offers a perfect twist between harmonic, longing melodies and sharp perfectly positioned cuts and glitches.

Tracks such as “Proximity” play with jazzy elements, while taking the listener on a exciting futuristic ride without safety belts. Track 3 on “Monster’s Love Letter’, called “In Broad Daylight” represents a pleasantly fresh approach to the genre of Glitch, with exploding drum beats, angelic spheres topped with spiralling and freezing tempi.

This incredibly fascinating and genre defining Double EP positions MusSck aka sound genius Valance Drakes on the torn of contemporary sound wizard - The King of modern Glitch has arrived.

The tracks are complimented by the stunning artwork of Chaya Avramov (Subliminal Arrangements) and Dan Mac Eoin (Monster’s Love Letter)